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Additional Services


Here’s a great way to inject more value into your vehicle, Restoration!  Cleaning only takes you so far, sometimes special attention and artistry is needed to complete the overall aesthetic.  We offer a number of restoration services that will save on repairs and replacements, enhance presentation, and add value.  Even if you’re not keeping your vehicle, this is a proven way to demand more come time to trade in or sell. 



Headlight Restoration:  Plastic headlight lenses fade and yellow over time as the factory UV finish deteriorates.  Simply buffing or waxing will improve appearances temporarily but, the issue will come back.  We have the long-term solution that will add value to your vehicle and, quite simply, add to the complete aesthetic. 


  • decontaminate the surface

  • 4 step wet sanding

  • 3 step machine buffing

  • Application of either ceramic coating or 3m clear bra for long term protection


Scratch Elimination or Repair:  Scratches are a major contributor to vehicle depreciation.  We will fully assess the extent of the damage and offer a solution which will make it either disappear or in extreme cases, greatly conceal it.  Even if the scratch has been previously touched up with a less then desirable result, there is almost always room for improvement.  As always you will have clear expectations and a safe solution.  This is a great option weather you’re keeping the car or, adding trade-in value.   


  • Remove touch up paint (if needed)

  • Wet Sand Clearcoat (if needed)

  • Add touch up with artisanal pen (if needed)

  • Compound, Polish, Seal


Plastic Color Rejuvenation:  Exterior plastics receive massive abuse from the elements causing discoloration, fading, and inconsistencies.  Top coat dressings will make them shine temporarily but, wear off quickly and do not fix the problem.  Our plastic dye treatment is a long-term solution that will bring weathered plastic back to its factory form.


  • Cleaning

  • Degreasing with alcohol

  • Tape off surroundings

  • 1-2 coats of premium plastic dye

  • Removal of excess


Overspray Removal:  Overspray is airborne paint particles that embed into your clearcoat.  This leave the surface dull, and rough to the touch.  Overspray can be caused by, a house or building being painted nearby, parking lot lines, autobody shops, family home projects, etc.


  • Preclean

  • Solution created based on type of overspray

  • Overspray removal

  • Recommended polishing and wax application


-Call to discuss the issue and your unique solution-

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