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(located in the Academy lot) 

1 Cedar Blvd. 3G

Pittsburgh, PA 15228


Exterior Detail

​The Exterior Detail adds shine and protection. This detail option is perfect to keep your paint looking fresh, however, it will not correct any swirling or scratching already present.  The process begins with the car being washed using our two bucket method and all new mitts and towels. The car is completely decontaminated and then the paint surface is treated with Gtechniq W6 fallout remover, and light clay bar treatment. The protection of your choice is then applied. 


Gtechniq C2V3 or Jescar (6~ months)

Cars $135 | Mid-Size $175  | Over-Size $225

*Save when combined with another package


Exterior Coating Maintenance

This maintenance is recommended for anyone with a ceramic coating. This yearly detail allows us to look over the coating and ensure the product is working properly.  This will also uphold any guarantee offers depending on the coating you choose.  Most manufacture suggested durability can be extended with regular and proper maintenance.  We also apply brand specific maintenance products to help preserve the benefits of the coating. We begin by thoroughly washing, decontaminating the ca, and gently removing bugs/tar/etc with coating safe cleaners. We then inspect and touch up any spots where the coating may look weak. Once the car is cleaned, decontaminated, and prepped we use recommended maintenance sprays to refresh the coating and keep that high gloss shine. 

Cars $155 | Mid-Size $185 | Over-Size $210

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