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Ceramic Coatings

  Recommended  paint correction either gloss enhancement, 1, or 2 step before a Ceramic.  This is a in house service with pickup and delivery services offered as well.  Increase the overall hardness of your paint, gloss, easy maintenance, anti static, incredibly durable, are just some of the benefits of coating your vehicle.  The gloss is mesmerizing and you'll be amazed at how much longer your vehicle stays clean between washes. This is a great option for the owner that always wants a fresh looking ride and wants to maintain maximum value on your investment.  With the Gloss Enhancement machine polish included with this service, we are aiming to remove about 50% of the defects from your paint and leave a dramatically improved surface. Single Stage paint correction can be added to bring the correction level to 75%.  This involved testing various polish, pad, and technique adjustments to get the optimal single stage outcome as each vehicle needs it's own "prescription".  This will heavily cut down on swirls, scratches, and randomized defects from the clear coat to add optical clarity and depth to the paint. A 2 Stage paint correction can be added to find the optimal level of correction.  Aiming at 90% correction of all imperfections.  This is an involved process that will make a dramatic improvement to overall aesthetics.   Once the correction stages are complete the entire vehicle is wiped down to remove all oils and give coating maximum bond.  The vehicle will be finished with a high-quality Paint Sealant or a Ceramic Coating then a top coat to prolong sealant/ coating and prevent water spots.

Crystal Serum Light (3 + years)

*Small $860 l  Mid-Size Car $960 l SM/Midsize SUV $1050  l  Large SUV $1100

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra (7+yrs)

*Small $980 I Mid-Size Car $1080 I SM/Midsize SUV $1140  l  Large SUV $1250

Gtechniq EXO (+$165) can be added to any ceramic coating package

EXO is an amazing top coat that will aid in the longevity to ceramic

adding breath taking slickness and water sheeting!


*starting price based on level of correction desired​ or type of car. 

Some sports and or specialty cars will take longer

thus add to cost due to intricacies


**$50 off any interior service with purchase of the above

-Call for specific needs or customization-

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