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Signature Interior Detail

Rejuvenate your interior with our ultimate interior service. It features a deep cleaning of all interior surfaces to remove any dirt, debris and malodors. A litany of brushes and tools will be used to reach, most locations of the cabin.  Carpets are treated and deep-cleaned with an extractor and or steam. Cloth seats are shampooed or leather seats are cleaned with a pH neutral leather cleaner and protected with a proper sealant. Fine surfaces and vents cleaned with steam.  The trunk and essentially all nooks and crannies will receive attention.    

Cars $155* | Mid-Size $180* | Over-Size $220*

*This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains or dog hair will be an additional charge.  

***Contact prior to scheduling vehicle has major staining/damage***


Interior Refresh

Our Interior Refresh was created for vehicles that don’t require a deep cleaning. This is for maintained vehicles or between details. This service  does not include hot water carpet extraction, stain treatment, leather conditioner,  headliner cleaning, and the same amount of intricacy as the signature. Meticulous cleaning of all dash, doors, console and instrument cluster, thorough air purge and vacuum and light spot cleaning of carpets. 

Cars $90 | Mid-Size $110 | Over-Size $135



Additional Protection

Dr. Beasley's Interior Protection

Now that your interior is clean, protect it with Dr. Beasley's 

Fabric Protection


1 row $60 | 2 Rows $85 | 3 Rows $110


1 row $60 | 2 Rows $85 | 3 Rows $110

Leather Protection

For this we use Dr. Beasley's Leather lock. This coating repels liquid

and prevents staining and is perfect for door panels, dash boards, and seats. 

1 row $60 | 2 Rows $75 | 3 Rows $100

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