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Elusive Auto Co. is a grassroots automotive company specializing in direct automotive Japan imports as well as the hard to find USDM imports. We hold all necessary bonds, registrations, and clearances to import legally and directly. As lifelong enthusiasts we have the passion and understanding of the import culture while having the professional experience to deliver. Your dream car will be 100% legally imported with customs documentation and state title in hand prior to purchasing. With a complete A-Z service, purchasing your imported car will be clean and seamless. Registering will be no different than any other used car stateside.

THE EXPERIENCE with Elusive Auto Co. is completely clean and transparent. With information at everyone’s finger tips, we believe in educating buyers, even prospective buyers. If anyone had the patience, and contacts they can import a car. Sure, it would take you longer and be much more expensive but, it can be done. We don’t pretend to hold the magic elixir. What you get when working with Elusive is our, scrupulous Japan based buyer who actually starts the cars, sends 30+ pictures of all angles, and since Elusive holds all needed clearances and bonds, the car will come in seamlessly with accurate times of arrival. Cars purchased from inventory will come with complete check list of what maintenance, what was found during detailed stateside inspections, and any recommendations. If you’re buying a platform you’re not familiar with, we will provide you as much detail as you need, i.e. fluid capacities, cross referenced parts, etc. You will not find vague answers with us. No, “don’t worry about it” No, “we have a special way of doing things” No, “I think so, maybe”. To us it’s unacceptable for a customer to be confused or not have an answer. If we don’t know the answer we can find it and you will get nothing less than the truth.


SOURCING your dream car via auctions, dealer sales or private sales throughout Japan or the US. If engaged in our purchasing program, customers will get a 20+ step check list of the entire process, every step. We start with a long discussion of your hopes and dreams in a vehicle, review availability, and go after the exact car you want. We will then handle all services from A-Z to get it to your front door, legal and ready to drive. This is a great option for someone looking for something rare or not willing to settle for inventory. You do need to be patience as, depending on car, sourcing could take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, 1 month transport stateside, and another 2ish weeks for clearance and delivery.


Elusive Auto Company

"drive with purpose"

Contact: Dante Prinzo 


Happy motoring,


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