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1991 Bee R GTR  1 of 1, built and driven by Mr. Kiyonori Imai

1991 Bee R GTR 1 of 1, built and driven by Mr. Kiyonori Imai


This is truly a chance to own a piece of JDM, GTR, automotive, history!  This 1991 GTR was built and raced by Mr. Kiyonori Imain the owner of Bee Racing in Japan. (we have video of the signing)  This car has been in storage with 11,000 Kilometers on the Chassis.  Has been completely gone over and ready for duty. This is a Collector that can be driven. Either show it, or inflict a beating on the track as this ride can handle anything. The chassis is completely cleaned, stitched, and braced, while it is fully wired for race with high end electronics. The original race engine was replaced with a more "streetable" RB26



The current RB26 has been installed with:


HKS intercooler, HKS Air Filter, Bee-R radiator, Stand alone ecu, Custom exhaust.  All electronics, gauges, suspension, safety, one off mounts, shrouds, etc, and the chassis, are as they were.




Chassis has been so extensively stiffened, that it a book would have to be written to convey all details. The engine bay alone is said to have  over 4k in labor, stitch welding and bracing.  Full cage and totally clean chassis.  Many one off suspension components consisting of; Koni Custom coilovers, Pirro Tension rod, pillow balls everywhere..etc.  




The Wheels are a one off custom piece from OZ


Custom wide body and a one off spoiler




Seats, gauges, basically the whole interior has been custom fitted with very few off the shelf parts.  From front to back this GTR is truly unique and can not be replicated.



Cost is for vehicle only.  shipping and associated fees extra.  Inquire for estimate.



  • Shipping and Importation

    Shipping is 1000-1500 for Ro-Ro (car driven on and off the boat, stored in the belly, or 3000-4000 if you prefer container shipping.  All importing fillings will be completed by Elusive Auto Company.  EAC will file all bond work with CBP, land the car, clear it from the Port of Savannah, transport it to Cornelius, NC where it will get a State title, ready to pick up or ship to the owner.  Elusive Auto Co. charges a flat fee of 1500 for the aforementioned service.  Owner is responsible for all costs associated with the vehilce: ie. purchase price, duty tax, international shipping, EAC fee, and of course the purchasers applicable state tax.  

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