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1992 Nissan Skyline GTST Type M

1992 Nissan Skyline GTST Type M


This is the 1992 Nissan Skyline GTS T Type M. Completely Stock RB20det, with factory manual gearbox.  It comes with one major plus and rarity for imported vehicles, full SERVICE HISTORY.  Seems the previous owner was very meticulous regarding factory service and overall care.  This wasn’t a drifted or raced chassis, this was a daily driver, kept fresh.  The floor mats still look new.  Smooth upshifting/downshifting, steady idle (103,700 miles) The TH1 factory color is fairly uncommon state side.  It’s a deep blue metallic pearl which goes from very dark blue to a metallic navy with purple hues depending on lighting.  Nice piece of Japanese nostalgia; glass headlights, Hicas, 4piston front calipers, factory fog lights, all electronics, fully functional and the interior is a 9 out of 10 especially considering its 25yrs old.  Fresh fluids, completely scanned with Nisssan Datascan, everything within spec.  Ready to daily or a great platform to modify.  Further details below.


Recent Service:

Chassis inspection


Spark Plugs

Brake flush/bleed


Timing service (162,000 KM)

Interior detail-Steam –shampoo



Blitz Turbo Timer

AMP wheels (factory spec)

Jasma Catback exhaust (very mellow)


Condition, below:


Exterior : paint had signs of city outdoor parking.  No major damage but, door dings, scuffs on front and rear bumpers and faded clearcoat on top.  Since the paint was old, and it’s hard to match panels if some are old paint, others fresh, I decide to repaint the whole car.  Professionally done in a down draft booth.  It’s a not a 10k+ show car job but, done well with the factory color, base, and 4coats of clear.   Zero rust, and consistent panel gaps with all original hardware.  Undercarriage is very nice.  Straight rails, pinch welds are unmolested.


Interior: Excellent condition!  No burns. No stains. Some slight wear on bolster of driver seat.  All other seating surfaces seem barely used.  All panels and plastic in excellent condition.  No cracks or missing buttons.  All electronics work as intended.  Some wear on bottom of steering wheel.  No visible water marks and or leaks.  All weather stripping still soft, tear free and crack free.


Mechanical: Steady idle, no hesitation, no gear grinding, no smoke, no clutch slip, runs very strong. No visible leaks underneath.  Steady boost.  Nothing at all needed to drive daily.



If interested and not local, we can schedule facetime or skype live startup and walkaround. 

  • General info

    Factory 5spd, TH1 paint, 103,700 miles, fairly stock


    customer responsible for shipping.  Elusive Auto will assist in scheduling. 

  • Test Drive

    Local test drives welcome.  If not local, contact for virtual test drive or custom video.  We will show the proscpective buyer everything possible so, sight unseem is no longer an issue.


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