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What cars are available for import?  This changes monthly.  The 25yr rule in the United States is based on a vehicles production date.  For instance if there is a 93 model year with a production date of 8/92, it can be legally imported in 2017 even though the model year would have you think 2018.  Basically any brand and model can be imported whether it be a Toyota Supra or a Liteace Diesel work truck. 


How do I register an imported vehicle?  It will be no different than purchasing any US based car.  Since we’re a registered importer and legally bring all cars in with appropriate documentation, registering a RHD vehicle is absolutely basic.  You will be provided a state title and bill of sale to provide to your local DMV.  Customer is responsible for checking local smog requirements. (CA)  We understand that google is your friend but, sometimes it’s easier to talk with someone so….. just reach out if you’re concerned or unsure.


What does Elusive Auto Co. do to vehicles before they are sold?  This is the fun part!  First off, Transparency, transparency transparency.  Every car is treated as if it’s going to an enthusiast whose satisfaction with our product, is our life blood.  Here is our sales prep Checklist:

-All fluids changed (unless we have documentation of very recent service)

-All wear items inspected and replaced if showing excessive wear

-Complete chassis inspection, all suspension and drive-line components inspected.  

Interior- steam cleaned, shampoo, protection

Interior- restoration to damaged plastics, leather, etc

Exterior- if paint is showing clear coat fade, major imperfections. Panels, or car, will be repainted

Exterior- completely detailed (4 step. decontamination, compound, polish, hand wax)

        *We might go overboard but, having customers that are fans is more important than quick sales


What if I want a car that isn’t in your inventory?  Ask!  There might be something en route that isn’t yet on the website.  Also inquire about our purchasing service where can purchase and import your exact dream car


Do you offer Financing?  We do not offer in house financing but, have experience working with lenders who finance classic cars.  There are plenty of options out there to secure funds and if you need info, just ask.


Where do you purchase your cars?  As with most, we take advantage of the healthy auction market in Japan.  We are not limited to auction cars, as we have the ability to purchase from local Japanese dealers and private party.


    Any specific questions, do not hesitate to call, email, text, or DM.  Even if only curious we are more than happy to help education all auto enthusiasts. 

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